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The practice should be the result of reflection, not the other way around.

Hermann Karl Hesse (* 1877,† 1962)

From expert to expert

And since we do not focus on anything but "just" foundries, our software solutions are foundry resource planning systems (short: FRP systems). Because after all, you do not have any company (Enterprise), but a foundry.

Why Foundry-Resource-Planning?

FRP is a derivation of the well-known short form ERP for Enterprise Resource Planning. Only instead of an undefined enterprise, we focus exclusively on foundries, where processes differ significantly from those, covered by standard ERP systems.

We emphasize this focus of our software solutions, in which we do not speak of any "enterprise", but of what we develop comprehensive solutions for: the foundry and thus the abbreviation "FRP - Foundry Resource -Planning. "



Cast in Software

Since our foundation in 1984, we have focused on the requirements of the foundry industry. Our slogan: cast in software reflects our strong commitment to this industry and underlines the holistic approach of our software solutions. Our products are comprehensive solutions with a high degree of detail, offering a high standard coverage despite the complex processes of a foundry.



The RGU FRP software solutions


Consulting by RGU

The focus of our products on the foundry industry is no coincidence. Behind every implementation is a strong team of consultants who have their roots in the foundry industry. Thus, we are a strong partner at your side even with product-independent advice.

Whether in the design of foundry processes or the creation of vendor-independent specification sheets for the introduction of software systems in foundries: We know what is important.

Try us out. We are happy to present you our products and solutions in a personal conversation free of charge and without obligation. Make an appointment today - we look forward to inspiring you.