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Managing Directors: Ronald Kreft, Joachim Pacyna

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The product names used are trademarks of their respective manufacturers.

Terms of Use

By using the Internet pages of RGU GmbH, you accept the following terms of use:

1. Copyright

All copyrights on the sides of the RGU GmbH belong exclusively to the RGU GmbH. We have no objections if you make individual copies of pages or parts thereof for your private use, provided that the copyright notice of the RGU GmbH remains. However, without express permission, it is prohibited to download pages or portions thereof for commercial purposes. The product names used are trademarks of their respective manufacturers.

2. Pictures & Logos

All images and photographs shown on these pages are royalty-free material, licenses obtained through Shutterstock or the copyright lies with RGU GmbH or one of its affiliated partners. Logos used are the property of their respective companies.

3. Links

With the judgment of May 12, 1998, the state cour Hamburg decided that by providing a link, the contents of the linked site may have to answer for. This can, according to the state court, only be prevented by expressly distancing oneself from these contents. We have links to other sites on the internet on our sites. For all these links applies: We declare that we have no influence on the design and content of the linked pages.

Therefore we dissociate ourselves hereby expressly from all contents of all linked sides on our homepage and make ourselves these contents not own. This declaration applies to all links displayed on our homepage and to all contents of the pages to which the banners and links reported to us lead.

4. Disclaimer

Although we always endeavor to give you on the sides of the RGU GmbH a good, comprehensive and constantly renewed information, we can not guarantee the completeness and incorrectness. Neither we nor an affiliated company is liable for damages of any kind whatsoever arising from access to the pages of RGU GmbH, their use and downloading of files and / or contents.

The Internet works as a decentralized network network with the caching and transfer of temporary data. A guarantee for the exclusion of manipulation, from accidental falsification and guarantee for the use of only current data (eg old version still in the cache) on the connection way carrier-to-users can not exist therefore at present therefore. We therefore point out this systemic restriction as follows: You receive this data under the conditions of the Internet. Therefore no guarantee can be given for the correctness of the information and the correspondence with the original data

5. Availability

Our provider guarantees an availability of its servers of 99% in the annual average. This does not apply to periods when the server can not be reached via the Internet due to technical or other problems that are beyond the control of our provider. Our Provider may restrict access to the Services, provided that the security of the network operation, the maintenance of the network integrity, in particular the prevention of serious disturbances of the network, the software or stored data, so require.

In this respect, we are not liable for any further accessibility.

6. Additional provisions

Should any provision of the Terms of Use be or become ineffective or unenforceable, the validity of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected. German law applies. Jurisdiction is Dortmund.

7. Data protection

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